Oklahoma Tower

Oklahoma Tower power factor optimization trial of leading edge energy conservation technology exceeds expectations

Levy Beffort today announced impressive electricity savings resulting from a recently completed project. The trial tested KVAR Energy Controllers (KVAR ECs™) technology, designed to optimize power factor of motors to reduce the Oklahoma Tower electric bills.

The technology works by automatically optimizing the efficiency of the electric system, thereby reducing energy consumption for electric utility customers, demand on the electric grid, line losses and carbon footprint. The improvements gained from the use of energy controllers for power factor optimization are based on the process of storing electricity in the energy controller capacitors and providing it back to the motors when needed rather than wasting energy from inductive motors and then getting that energy back from the electric utility. By improving power factor on large motors at Oklahoma Tower, Grubb & Ellis | Levy Beffort managers were able to save 13% to 18% of the electric energy used to cool and re-circulate air in the 31 story building.

The trial was directed by Peripheral Energy, an Oklahoma City firm which sized the KVAR EC™ requirements, installed and commissioned the units, under the guidance of the Effect Operational Sales Group. Grubb & Ellis | Levy Beffort managers, Eric Starns and Darren Riddles acted with great diligence in ensuring these energy controllers made good business sense. Mr. Starns, Director of Operations, said the trial outperformed expectations. “This project delivered more than double the anticipated kilowatt-hour savings. These gains in efficiency provide a direct benefit to our tenants, because they help us to keep operating expenses low.”

Paul Dionne, President of KVAR Sales Channel Management Group Inc., dba the Effect Operational Sales Group, the Knoxville, TN based company that markets and sells KVAR Energy Controllers, stated, “Grubb & Ellis | Levy Beffort managers’ demonstrated leadership and a willingness to explore new technologies to ensure the peak operating efficiency of their building.” He also added, “in working very closely with Peripheral Energy, Grubb & Ellis | Levy Beffort can expect good energy savings, as they evaluate the KVAR ECs™ fit at their other properties.”

About Grubb & Ellis | Levy Beffort

Grubb & Ellis | Levy Beffort is a full-service commercial real estate company serving the entire state of Oklahoma. With offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the firm specializes in property sales and leasing, buyer and tenant representation, property management services, consulting and research services.

About Peripheral Energy

Peripheral Energy Inc. is an authorized distributor of KVAR Energy Controllers. Peripheral Energy conducts various energy saving projects in Oklahoma and the Midwest. The company is a proud member of the Effect Operational Sales Group which specializes in the implementation of sound energy efficient strategies through the deployment of products that deliver verifiable savings in the US, Canada and island states.