Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies (EHT) Small Wind Turbines

These ʺNext Generation Wind Resourcesʺ are the most efficient small wind turbines in the world. We offer fully scalable renewable wind and solar hybrid systems for homes, cottages, commercial, industrial and public buildings. From repeater stations to telecommunications towers and fully scalable Microgrids, we deliver on optimized generation and efficient use of power.

These low RPM vertical axis wind turbines use advanced counter-rotating vane design to capture wind from all directions. Imagine energy production between 60 to 75 RPM, silent operations, absolutely no noise, no humming, no vibrations, no electromagnetic interference. They require minimal cut-in wind speed and lower initial torque to initiate turbines. They need less wind to maintain generator rotation, making them the leading wind turbine/generator system for microgrids, distributed generation, wind/solar hybrid applications.

Product Design

The entire line of EnerDynamic Wind Resources share two key features that set them apart from the competition and make them a breakthrough alternative in renewable energy generation:

Vane Design

All EnerDynamic Wind Resources incorporate an innovative vane design in which small pocket-like creases successfully “encapsulate” the wind. This allows for 100% capture of available wind from any direction, whereas standard three blade horizontal axis turbines miss up to 97% of available wind.

Generator Design

All EnerDynamic Wind Resources use a patented generator design, which turns with much greater ease than traditional generators. This design, which is considered by many to be the greatest advance in generator design in over 100 years, provides these products with two key and important benefits: · They require minimal cut-in wind speed and lower initial torque to initiate generator rotation than traditional, conventional generator designs · They take less wind to maintain generator rotation than traditional generator designs these two design features, which apply to all EnerDynamic Wind Resources, result in more efficient energy generation.

Key Features

Other key features common to the entire line of EnerDynamic wind products include:

Self-Start at Low Wind Speed

The turbine will self-start at wind speeds as low as 1.3 meters per second or about 2.9 miles per hour (4.7 kilometers per hour). Many wind turbines require wind speeds of at least 4 meters per second or about 8.95 miles per hour (14.4 kilometers per hour) before starting.

Low Maintenance

Most wind turbines require semi-annual maintenance. The EnerDynamic Wind Resources were designed to be nearly maintenance free. They have no drive shafts, no gearboxes, no brushes, bushings or slip rings. Their two stainless steel bearings are the only moving parts. With virtually no moving parts, maintenance is therefore negligible.

Simplicity & Ease of Installation

All EnerDynamic Wind Resources were designed with the installer in mind. They all employ a modular design, which impacts both transportation to the job site and installation. Transportation to the job site was made easier by designing all units in a way that they be shipped “flat-packed”. Once at the job site, installation was designed to be simpler with the turbine’s “plug and play” deployment.


EnerDynamic Wind Resources are modular and can therefore be installed either as single functioning units or grouped together for additional power.

Low Vibration

Vibration is minimized by the use of precision matched bearings, which are the turbines’ only moving parts. This low vibration means they can be used in “vibration-sensitive” locations.

No Electromagnetic Interference

The generator used in the entire line of EnerDynamic Wind Resources satisfies the ‘no electromagnetic interference’ (EMI) requirement and is ideal for applications that require a wind turbine to produce minimal or no EMI. The generator emits a frequency of 14 Hz when operating at its rated output, which is too low of a frequency to produce any electromagnetic interference.


10 year manufacturer’s warranty


EnerDynamic EnerCube

The EnerCube is a true solar / wind hybrid turbine system. EnerCubes are available in a variety of sizes. The EnerCube 3.1 (100 watts) and EnerCube 3.3 (300 watts) are now available. The EnerCube 3.5 (500 watts) will be available soon. These weather resistant units comprise a wind turbine, optimized wind vanes and a Nema rated electrical box which houses a shunt reactor, all of which, are self-contained in a one by one and 1.6 meters high EnerCube frame with external directional baffles. Typically, our wind and solar hybrid deployments consists of multiple EnerCubes working together to deliver energy systems in various kW increments. EnerCubes are modular in design so they may be deployed in a variety of different multipliers with endless possibilities. Even though the energy produced by the turbines is three phases AC, the actual output can be run through a shunt reactor to produce a suitable DC input to a battery management system for grid-assist.

The EnerCube is ideal for when a mobile energy generation source is required. They are shipped 'flat-packed' as kit, which makes transportation easy. Then it's a plug and play installation. EnerCubes may be apportioned throughout a roof perimeter with integrated solar panels or even stacked, with a displaced solar ballast rack mount on a roof. You can even complement the installation with additional solar panels.

These hybrids were designed to be either a fixed-location solution or a solution requiring mobility; it can therefore be easily moved from one site to the next. So if you're using a 5 kW hybrid system on a building you are leasing and decide to move your operations, it's a very simple process. EnerCubes are light weight systems that will only add a small load factor, per square feet on a roof.


EnerPoles are pole-mounted, revolutionary wind and solar hybrid solutions. Since these Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) are mounted on 50 foot or taller poles, they are best suited for country estates, commercial or industrial facilities. hese poles allow access to higher winds since speed increases with height. EnerPoles can also be fitted on poles made of wood or other approved materials. Attachments can accommodate taller poles. Poles are shipped to the plant, where the VAWTs and solar components are attached. The EnerPole is then shipped to the individual site for installation. Systems are weight balanced around each pole and are designed for optimum wind capture.

The EnerPole’s output is tailored to a site’s available wind and solar energy to ensure each custom-designed hybrid provides the power required. Each VAWT produces 96 volt three phase, AC output and is driven by 8 or 16 wind catchers. The single phase, 12 volt DC, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are mounted right on the pole. The outputs from the wind turbines and solar PV are then routed to a dual controller that conditions the energy produced into ‘pure’ power to charge batteries.

Operational Features

  • Designed to meet peak load requirements
  • Ultra low RF interference / 13 Hz at peak RPM
  • UHurricane rated system
  • Electrically braked turbines
  • No gears and no moving parts / Low maintenance


The EnerTwr is a revolutionary wind and solar hybrid solution for telecom towers. Its output is tailored to available wind and solar energy to ensure each custom designed hybrid provides the power required at individual tower sites. EnerTwr wind resources can be fitted on monopole, three or four sided towers. Systems are weight balanced around each tower and are designed for optimum wind capture. Each vertical axis turbine, which produces 96 volt three phase AC output, is driven by 8 wind catchers. The single phase 12 volt DC photovoltaic (PV) panels are ground rack mounted in close proximity to the telecom tower. The outputs from the wind turbines and solar PV are then routed to a dual controller that conditions the energy produced into ‘pure’ power to charge batteries.

The EnerTwr delivers a reliable and maintenance-free operating period (MFOP) system. This allows for a seamless and cost effective transition away from diesel, which ultimately reduces O&M costs for telecom services providers and enhances corporate profitability.

Operational Features

  • Designed to meet peak load requirements
  • Does not obstruct GSM
  • Ultra low RF interference / 13 Hz at peak RPM
  • Hurricane rated system
  • Electrically braked turbines
  • No gears and no moving parts / Low maintenance



Breakthrough generator technology makes the EnerGem highly efficient and superior in design to all current turbine technology. For static applications with rated capacities between 10kW to 150kW, the EnerGem delivers unrivaled performance, reliability, environmental safety and scalability.

These self-contained ‘Wind Silos’ may be deployed individually or in groups. They are ideally suited for commercial and industrial application such as restaurants, food chain outlets, corner stores, malls, schools, universities, hotels, resorts, farms, ice rinks and a multitude of other facilities so owners can benefit from real savings on their monthly electric bill. EnerGems are also a great fit for essential services; just think of their use at gas stations to ensure sustained gas pump operations at times when utilities are unable to provide electricity.

EnerGems can be used in both grid and off-grid configurations. Installation is simple and less expensive because there is no need for a free standing tower, as these EnerGems are ground or roof mounted. These ‘Wind Silos’ are ideal for microgrids and solar / wind hybrid facilities.



The EnerTrees are smaller Wind Resources that can be adapted to a multitude of applications. They are available in variety of sizes ranging from 200 watts to 2kW. The most common applications are lighting related; however, these can be used on recreational vehicles, cabins and even homes by cascading multiple units. Solar array can be included with EnerTrees to make them true solar/wind hybrid energy generation systems. They are lightweight energy generation systems that range in weight between 30 lbs. (14 kg) to 60 lbs. (27 kg). The EnerTrees have been designed to be easily moved from location to another.



As the ultimate ‘Mobile Wind Technology’, the EnerDrive is a real revolution in Wind Resources for vehicles of all kinds. EnerDynamic Wind Resources are a stroke of genius, in that they rally vane designs that capture 100% of the wind from any direction and their generators turn with much greater ease than traditional ones. Now, add to this mix the ability to store this energy in a moving vehicle, use it as required on the vehicle itself and simply discharge the remaining energy once you get back to the transit terminal for use at large or return it to the electric grid for profit.


The REVLight provides clean electric vehicle charging points at curb side. No need for dedicated charging bollards. This system allows the use of existing street lights infrastructure as a source of power for EV charging, using any commercially available EV plug.

DEGER Solar Trackers Single and Dual Axis Tracking

Effect OSG is both a wholesale distributor and turnkey provider of DEGER solar trackers. Our operating companies and distributors promote and sell single and dual-axis solar tracking systems in their market across the USA and Canada. These trackers use a unique patented “Maximum Light Detection” or MLD technology that achieves a 45% greater yield on average than fixed solar systems.The MLD-sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules to the point that provides the greatest energy. DEGER is world’s market and technology leader for solar tracking systems, with over 75,000 systems installed in 64 countries. Effect OSG works hand-in-hand with DEGER to develop the optimum, project-specific solution for every customer.

Effect OSG - OFF-Grid Hybrid System

Effect OSG integrates multiple technologies to deliver ‘Peace of mind’ off-grid system:

  • EHT Wind Turbines – World’s most performing small wind turbine
  • DEGER Dual Axis Tracker - World’s market and technology leader for solar tracking systems
  • Outback Power Batteries and Battery Management System – Leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy
  • Solar Thermal System and Thermal Wave Electric Boiler – The Thermal Wave is the most efficient DC boiler system available. It beats out natural gas, propane, oil and electric boilers and forced air furnaces.
  • Electrically braked turbines
  • Self-start Propane Generator – The back-up systems you only use when the sun and wind just aren’t cooperating!