Solar Energy Products

In developing solar solutions, our engineering design focuses on both environmental and architectural harmony. Our solar product mix and related components are selected with clients’ requirements in mind. While we will never be undersold on project price, our goal is to deploy and commission solar infrastructure projects that deliver what customers expect. We also measure in real-time just how much energy each solar panel or module is producing.

High Efficiency Solar Panels

High efficiency solar panels High efficiency solar panels High efficiency solar panels High efficiency solar panels

We offer the highest performance and quality in both mono and multi cell solar panels. At equal quality, we will not be undersold! We have selected LDK solar products because there are few companies around the world that have the ability to cover the entire photovoltaic value chain. As a vertically integrated business, LDK produces its own polysilicon, monocrystalline and multicrystalline ingots, wafers, cells and modules. Cells are then shipped to Canada so our manufacturing partner, Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies. can manufacture PV modules, under tight materials and production quality in their World class facility in Welland, Ontario, Canada.

Why LDK Solar Modules?

  • Industry leading module power output warranty of 25 years
  • International quality and safety certifications
  • Manufactured in ISO 9000 certified factory
  • High-reliability with guaranteed 0/+5W peak power classification
  • Excellent performance under low light environments
  • Entire module certified to withstand high wind and snow loads


LDK Solar provides one of the most comprehensive module warranties in the industry:

  • 10 years for product defects in materials and workmanship
  • First 12 years for 90% of warranted minimum power
  • Remaining 25 years for 80% of warranted minimum power


LDK Solar Secure offers an industry leading insurance package, which is included in the product price. The photovoltaic (PV) System Insurance combines an operational All Risk Insurance with a Warranty and Inherent Defect Insurance.

Product Certifications

Product Certifications
  • IEC EN 61215, IEC EN 61730 (1&2), conformity to CE
  • UL 1703 2002/03/15 Ed:3 Rev:2008/04/08
  • ULC/ORD-C1703-01 Second Edition 2001/01/01
  • UL and Canadian Standard for Safety Flat-Plate
  • CEC Listed: Modules are eligible for California Rebates
  • MCS The Micro generation Certification Scheme UK
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 Quality Management System
  • PV CYCLE: Voluntary module take back & recycling program in Europe

LDK Panels

LDK Panels are simply leading edge solar PV systems. The LDK 2013 PV module series is now available and they feature several improvements:

  • Highest performance enabled by higher efficiency monocrystalline cells and the latest LDK Solar M Wafer Technology for multicrystalline cells
  • Lower weight design which reduces the total system load on a roof, making it ideal for residential customers. Its shape allows for better roof utilization.
  • Its low weight means easier handling for installers
  • Modules are designed to withstand PID (Potential Induced Degradation)*
  • High light transmission Anti-Reflective Glass with improved self-cleaning capability
  • 0/+5 W Positive power tolerance for reliable power output

You can find more detailed information about the new modules features by clicking on the pdf files in the table below:

Information on LDK 2013 PV module versions currently available on the market

LDK Solar Image Brochure EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
LDK Solar Image Brochure, V1 – June 2013            
LDK Solar Datasheets, Monocrystalline PV Modules Series EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
LDK 220-195 W 48-cell Monocrystalline PV Module      
LDK 270-245 W 60-cell Monocrystalline PV Module      
LDK Solar Datasheets, Multicrystalline PV Modules Series EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
LDK 215-190 W 48-cell Multicrystalline PV Module      
LDK 260-235 W 60-cell Multicrystalline PV Module      
LDK 310-285 W 72-cell Multicrystalline PV Module      
LDK Solar Datasheets, Special Edition – Ontario Domestic Content Compliant EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
LDK-240D-245D-250D-20 Module, Special Edition - Ontario DCC            
LDK-230P-235P-20 Modules, Special Edition - Ontario DCC            
LDK-270P-275P-280P-24 Modules, Special Edition - Ontario DCC            
LDK Solar Modules Installation Manuals EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
LDK Solar Modules Installation Manual, Version 1 - 2013            
LDK Solar Product Warranties EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
LDK Solar Limited Warranty Value Offer, Version 1 – 2013            
LDK Solar Limited Warranty Professional offer, Version 1 - 2013            
LDK Solar Secure Warranty Insurance EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
LDK Solar Secure Warranty Insurance – Summary of Terms and Conditions, V2 - July 2013    
LDK Solar Secure Warranty Insurance - Flyer              
LDK Solar Secure Warranty Insurance Certificate    
LDK Solar Product Certifications EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
IEC EN 61215 - IEC EN 61730 for Monocrystalline Silicon Modules            
IEC EN 61215 - IEC EN 61730 for Multicrystalline Silicon Modules            
CE Conformity Declaration for LDK Solar Modules            
ETL - UL Standard for Safety Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels            
MCS approved product certificated by BBA            
JET Certificates            
IEC 61701 Salt Mist Corrosion Test            
IEC 62716 Ammonia Test            
LDK Solar Quality Management Systems Certifications EN CN DE IT ES FR PT
Factory Inspection Certificates - Nanchang Dongyuan&Yaohu Factories            
ISO 9001:2008 Certificates - Nanchang Dongyuan&Yaohu Factories          
ISO 14001:2004 Certificates - Nanchang Dongyuan&Yaohu Factories          
OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificates - Nanchang Dongyuan&Yaohu Factories          
LDK Solar PV CYCLE Full Member Certificate            
PV CYCLE Information Brochure    
PV CYCLE Procedure for collection services            

Below you’ll find detailed information about the general, structural and mechanical specifications as well as installation guides, warranty terms, and international certifications of 2012 LDK products.

Information on LDK 2012 module versions

LDK Solar Datasheets, 2012 Monocrystalline PV Modules Series EN CN DE
LDK-245D-20 Value Series  
LDK-255D-20 Professional Series  
LDK Solar Datasheets, 2012 Multicrystalline PV Modules Series EN CN DE
LDK-245P-20 Professional Series  
LDK-235P-20 Value Series  
LDK-290P-24 Professional Series  
LDK-280P-24 Value Series  
LDK Solar Modules Installation Manuals - 2012 EN CN DE
LDK Solar Modules Installation Manual, Version 1 - 2012    
LDK Solar Product Warranties - 2012 EN CN DE
LDK Solar Limited Warranty Value Series, Version 1 – 2012    
LDK Solar Limited Warranty Professional Series, Version 1 - 2012    

Hybrid Thermal Solar

Hybrid Thermal Solar Hybrid Thermal Solar

Hybrid Thermal Solar Panels are the true measure of renewable energy. They generate electric and thermal energy simultaneously. Their design is such that they can produce up to four times the energy of a PV panel.

Hybrid Thermal Solar Panels

Hybrid Thermal Solar Panels

Why use Hybrid Thermal Solar Panels?

  • Operational Fit. There must be a valid requirement, so the combined output can meet the efficiency goals of a customer, i.e. hot water, heating, cooling operations.
  • Increased Output. Because the surface temperature of a conventional PV panel can exceed 180°F on a summer day, resulting in a 25-30% drop in electrical output. Hybrid thermal solar panels transfer heat away from the glass laminate, thereby increasing module’s electric output. By cooling the solar laminate, total energy output is maximized and life expectancy of the module will be extended. The module will simultaneously provide up to 200 watts of electrical energy and up to 700 watts of thermal energy.
  • Year Round Energy Production. In colder climate zones, conventional PV panels have a problem with snow and ice buildup reducing electrical output. By reversing the flow of the solar glycol through the PV-Thermal module, snow and ice can be quickly melted from the panels’ surface, returning it to peak electrical output.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Roof Tiles provide the homeowner with a fully integrated solar solution, removing the need for a retrofitted ‘bolt on’ system which has the potential to damage the existing roof. Solar Tiles combine high efficiency Solar Photovoltaic modules and traditional roofing tiles, creating an integrated, functional solar roof tile. Solar tiles are fully compatible with the majority of slope roofs so retrofitting the solar tiles to your roof has just become an attractive option.

Solar Roof Tiles

The Interlocking Slates and Solar Roof Slates depicted in the picture above show what an ‘Effect Green Energy Roof’ looks like. Our solar roof tiles integrated in the slate tiles perfectly match standard slate tiles.

Effect Solar Slate

Effect Solar Slate

Increased efficiencies allow a 5KW Effect Solar Slate system to replace approximately 340 standard roof tiles which is around 10% of the average roof space. And if you want to produce more power, just install more tiles!

Each Effect Solar Slate has a rated 50 watts production capability. It’s a noise free dedicated reliable and sustainable energy source which harnesses power from the sun. This solar roof tile technology enables even shady roofs to produce energy because direct sunlight is no longer an essential requirement.

Effect Solar Slate Effect Solar Slate Effect Solar Slate Effect Solar Slate

The goal is to provide home and business owners with a product that retains the natural and harmonious architecture of buildings, while reducing electric bills, carbon dioxide emissions and increasing property value. These solar roof tiles blend in perfectly with our Effect Interlocking Slate tiles to give customers great protection against rising energy costs. The Effect Solar Slates require minimal maintenance and offer long operational life.

Effect Solar Slate


Overall Size 1068X435 mm
Effective Size 1020X375 mm
Thickness 31mm
Weight / m2 31.2 kg ± 1.5kg
Weigh per tile 12 kg ± 0.5 kg
Covering Capacity (Number of tiles per meter square) 2.6 pcs/m2
Roof Pitch (Minimum) 17°
Cell type (Number / Technology / Length / Width) 12/Mono/156/156 mm
Junction Box (Protection degree / Number of diodes) IP65 / 1
Connectors MC4
Cable (Length / Cross-sectional area) 600mm / 900mm /4mm2
Frame 80% Composite powder
Glass Panel (Type / Thickness) Tempered Glass 3.2mm
Power output (P max - Standard Test Conditions: Illumination 1000W/m2 / Module Temperature 25C / AM=1.5) 50 Wp
Power output / m2 (Pmax / m2) 130 Wp
Power output tolerances (Pmax) ±3%
Cell efficiency (È c) 18.5%
Module Efficiency (È m) 13.7%
Voltage at Pmax (Vmpp) 6.24V
Current at Pmax (Impp) 8.01
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 7.59V
Short circuit current (Isc) 8.51A
Maximum system voltage (IEC) 1000 Vdc
Temperature coefficient at Pmax (Y) -0.47 ± 0,00 %/°C
Temperature coefficient at Voc (βVoc) -o.34 ± 0.00 %/°C
Temperature coefficient at Isc (αIsc) -0.06 ± 0.00 %/°C
NOCT (Normal Operating Cell Temperature) 46°C ± 2°C
Maximum series fuse rating 20A
Grounding Securely grounded
Operating temperature -40°C to +90°C
Maximum static load, front (e.g. snow & wind) 550kg / 5400 Pa
Maximum static load, back (e.g. wind) 245kg / 5400 Pa
Maximum hailstone impact (diameter / velocity) 25mm / 23 m/s

Product Certifications

Effect Solar Slate
  • IEC 61215
  • IEC 61730


Installation is simple and can be done by an authorized roofer, electrician and/or our Effect Systems Group solar integrators.

Effect Solar Slate

Current – Voltage Curves

Effect Solar Slate


  • 3-year limited product warranty
  • 25-year limited power warranty
  • 10 years at 90% of the minimum rated power output
  • 25 years at 80% of the minimum rated power output

Dimensions / Effective Size Diagram

Effect Solar Slate Effect Solar Slate

Effect Interlocking Slate

Currently, you may purchase black or grey slate roof pieces from us directly and solar thin film integrated slates as well.

Unlike a traditional roof, our slates are made from quality stone grains after intensive heat and pressure. They make full use of natural materials with a riven mat or glossy finish so as to give a truly authentic natural slate appearance. Their unique surface structure makes them look like a real rock. The elegant appearance takes people back to the bygone era of architectural magnificence.

The slate tiles have an extremely low water absorption index. Their low tendency to absorb water also makes it very resistant to frost damage and breakage due to freezing. These slates use a ‘one overlaps another slate tile interlocking design’ to stand up against severe weather conditions. The interlocking design also reduces the usual shingles overlap space, thereby providing big savings in installation time and cost. The following picture show the slate tiles:

Effect Interlocking Slate Effect Interlocking Slate

With the integrated Effect Solar Slates, the end result is an architecture blended roof design which will reduce your electric bill.

Effect Interlocking Slate

Our Solar Roof Tiles represent a perfect combination of photovoltaic solar module and stone slate. Each tile integrates 12 monocrystalline silicon solar cells. The cells are embedded within the slate frame. Installed on unshaded pitched roofs, our Solar Roof Tiles make full use of the roof to provide sustainable energy for decades.

Thin Film

Thin Film Thin Film

Solar Thin Film rallies building architecture and renewable energy goals. It consists of thin film photovoltaic material encapsulated in UV-stabilized, weather-resistant polymers. Thin film cells are made from amorphous silicon and germanium. Resulting solar modules are flexible, lightweight, self-cleaning and contain no glass. Solar thin film produces energy when the sun is low, through cloud cover and even when installed at non-ideal angles. Specific characteristics are:

  • Amorphous silicon thickness is less than 1 micron
  • Stainless steel substrate is 5 millimeters thick
  • Protective coating equals Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), a fluorine based plastic, designed to have high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range. (ETFE is actually a polymer with a very high melting temperature, excellent chemical, electrical and high energy radiation resistance properties)
  • Average Weight = 3.4kgs/sq m, i.e. less than 0.7 lbs/ ft2 and 2 lbs/ ft2, when using tilt racking
  • Extremely flexible
  • Fully walk able roof
  • Provides good integration into ridged or flexible building elements
  • Shadow tolerant (each solar cell is connected via a by- pass diodes)
  • Annual energy yield is less dependent on optimal orientation and inclination of array
  • Meets High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards for wind in excess of 120 mph
  • High energy yield (kWh/kWp)and best in class energy production
  • Features no roof penetration with a choice of:
    • Building Applied Photovoltaic (BAPV), i.e. direct bond to metal roofing materials
    • Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV), i.e. direct bond to membrane roof systems (Power Membrane) PV Laminates is factory bonded to roofing materials
    • EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) or TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin) refers to polymer/filler blends synthetic rubber sheet applied to roof first, followed by thin film.

Solar Thin Film

Solar Thin Film is one of the most efficient renewable resources available. This 100% flexible ‘peel & stick’ solution can produce up to 65 watts per square meter.

Solar Thin Film Examples:

Solar Thin Film deployment examples that meet renewable goals and great blending of architecture design intent:

Thin Film Thin Film

Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (GVSU), Muskegon, Michigan

Thin Film Thin Film

Riverbed Elementary, California / Beijing Capital Museum, China

Thin Film Thin Film

Teterboro Airport, New Jersey / BIPV Project, Portland General Electric, Oregon