Measurement and Verification


Effect Operational Sales and Systems Group projects are based the best mix of energy efficient technologies that can be deployed, tested, commissioned and verified using approved methods in the field of Measurement and Verification (M&V). We promote efficiency through the sale of products that can be assessed as optimal investments for our clients.

The objective of M&V activities at the project level is to confirm that the technologies deployed and commissioned by our Operating Companies actually deliver on estimated Energy Savings and Demand Savings. Independent Third Party Verification is also available should it be required for specific projects.

Cost and Benefit Analysis

Every project proposal put forth by the Effect Operational Sales and Systems Group Operating Companies include an estimated Return on Investment (ROI) which is based projects deliverables and savings certainty associated with all-encompassing site survey results. Before a site survey is conducted, prospective customers are required to provide us with administrative, financial and operational information. Such information includes one-line diagrams of electric infrastructure, list of electrical components, electric bills, related tariffs and other relevant operational data.

All site surveys follow strict procedures that ensure data provided is kept confidential. The equipment used during surveys is proprietary and meets all regulatory and safety procedures for jurisdictions in which our companies operate. Site survey procedures are based on good energy management practices that allow our survey crews to reasonably determine the realistic cost-effectiveness of projects in terms of Energy Savings and Demand Savings. Whether our projects are executed within established incentive programs or as custom programs, we always provide, within realistic means, the accurate value of the efficiency or conservation project being proposed.


Every M&V Plan, related procedures and verification activities are consistent with the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Volume 1 - Concepts and Options for Determining Energy and Water Savings. Apart from specific M&V protocols such as the Automated CVR Protocol #1 which is used for deployments of AdaptiVoltâ„¢ Systems, our Operating Companies use four generic M&V options:

  1. Engineering calculations (using both stipulated values and measurements)
  2. Metering and monitoring (spot, short term, or continuous measurements)
  3. Utility bill analysis

Computer simulation models. Considerations in selecting the M&V option include:

  1. The evaluation of the capability and complexity of conducting measurements
  2. The potential for changes in key factors that affect the baseline and post-deployment optimized conditions
  3. The straightforwardness of setting-up data collection
  4. The ability to maintain uncompromising results
  5. The ease of analysis of collected datasets
  6. Customer requirements to measure savings value
  7. Incentive qualification requirements