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Energy Saving Technologies

The Effect Operational Sales and Systems Group Corporation specializes in the deployment and commissioning of proven energy-saving technologies, renewables such as wind and solar hybrids systems and innovative products that enable our clients to reduce their energy footprint.

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Energy Efficiency Technologies and Renewable Products

Member Companies - Operational Sales and Systems Group

  • Ideal Energy Concepts
  • KVAR Express
  • Save Energy Group
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • BioTek Environmental
  • Enshift Power Inc.
  • Peripheral Energy
  • KVAR
  • G Tecu
  • Enshift Power Inc.
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We Evaluate Success
Through Measurement & Verification

We promote efficiency through the sale of products that can be assessed as optimal investments for our clients. Our approach is based on the determination of the best mix of energy efficient technologies that can be deployed, tested, commissioned and verified using approved methods in the field of Measurement and Verification (M&V).

Based on our clients requirements, we offer independent third party validation through the use of M&V protocols.