Utility Customer Relations Program

As the electric utility business becomes more focused on the bottom line, customer expectations continue to grow. In this challenging environment, it is clear to utilities that success depends on an organization's ability to pick technologies that will enable them to streamline operations and strengthen their current customer relationships. Our Customer Relations Program was designed to leverage efficiencies gained through the deployment of leading technologies and their pairing with existing energy efficiency program, into a well balanced approach that benefits customers first and foremost. Our communications and public relations staff takes on a coaching role to help prepare key utility personnel meet their public relations objectives.

Our approach

Our approach entails a comprehensive public relations campaign aimed at getting the word out to customers, so they understand how proactive their utility is at providing the best level of customer service and how their energy efficiency programs and activities favorably impact customers’ electric bills. For example, overhauling customer billing statements to enhance both the appearance and content to make it easier to read and understand can make for a compelling marketing and customer service tool. Even detailing how much energy and dollars were saved on customers’ current bills gives them more information to help better manage their energy use and costs.

A team methodology that keeps utility staff at the forefront

The aim of the Customer Relations Program is to jointly develop with utility personnel, a communications framework that succeeds in shifting the customers’ focus from price to service support and benefits by showing that the right choices were made, in a very responsible manner, and with the greatest respect for social priorities and the environment.

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So let us apply leading edge communications practices to ensure that your organization can measure up with the best and deliver on realistic customer relations commitments that will effectively leverage your technology and program choices.

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