Site Surveys

The requirement for site surveys is fundamental to establishing the baseline when it comes to implementing energy efficiency technologies. It is important to assess the potential upsides/downsides of introducing new equipments that will impact operations. A good understanding of the regulatory framework, business purpose and related goals and priorities is essential. The success of a site survey is really based on a joint customer – provider relationship which has to be built on trust, track record and reputation. Quite often, affinities between the individuals involved in the deal and the overwhelming sense for a client that the energy efficiency product offering will deliver good value for the investment is what move successful projects. At the outset, it is what we call buy-in that is most important. Prior to the conduct of a site survey our personnel will require data and information to allow us to gain a good understanding of your operations. For each of the products that we offer, we have a buy-in checklist or Optimization Qualification Worksheet that we require prospective customers to fill out. These checklists will also include the requirement to send us some of your electric bills, tariff information, list of facilities, equipment details, etc. Rest assured that all the information received will be safeguarded according to customer requirements.